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Here at our club we believe in efficient fitness that achieves real results. Our gym provides an attractive exclusive feel environment - open to the public. A full range of cardio vascular machines, resistance machines, free weights and a variety of studio classes. We have a cozy luxury lounge, nutrition bar and nutrition supplements. We have men and women showers and changing rooms. On-site parking, towel service, and Professional certified coaches. Classes are FREE for active gym members.


Nutrition Bar

Changing your relationship with food.



Combining her love of fitness and nutrition and her wise experience, Aliyah opened and currently operates a private personal training business. She is the owner of Tone Body Fitness in Hawthorne, CA. As a master trainer, Aliyah works with a wide range of clients, athletes, teaches workshops and currently developing her Master Classes online sessions.

Private  Personal Training 

Nutrition Plans


 Why Join Our Boxing Class?


Whether you're looking to improve your self-defense skills, become a trained fighter or just simply enjoy learning a new skill that includes aggressive conditioning, this striking class is for you!


What are the benefits?


Increased strength, cardiovascular, discipline, self-confidence, weight loss, stress relief, promotes better sleep, helps with depression, anxiety and develops hand-eye coordination.


What will you learn?


The styles offered in our Boxing Class rely heavily on Muay Thai Boxing, Western Boxing and a blend of Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese & Japanese Martial Arts.


All skill levels welcome!


Kristen’s background includes various types of yoga, such as Prana Vinsaya, Kundalini and Bhakti yoga. She completed her training with Najla Barile of Harmony Yoga in Hermosa Beach and continues to build upon her knowledge by taking from various world class teachers around the country.


Driven by the motivation to share her love of yoga with others, she is here to meet her students right where they are and build upon their practice.


Kristen believes moving stale energy through your body and sweating it out, leads her students to find peace, resilience, self-reflection and most importantly: strength! All traits that are needed to engage in our current fast paced world.


Practice with Kristen Parker at Tone Body Fitness! Call for class schedule.




My Name is Coach Calvin  I am an Alumni from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor's degree, Certified Personal Trainer. I focuses on four key principles: Customer Service, Adaptive Education, Rehabilitation, and Enhance Ability Movement (C.A.R.E). I provide inclusive training and care about each individual client to help transform their lives with a wide range of people, including those with intellectual disabilities. I  provide each individual continuous opportunities to develop skills necessary for a lifetime of rich leisure, recreation, sport experiences, and along with enhancing physical fitness and wellness. I am  "sports adaptive rehabilitation training at its best".

Thank you for stopping by to check out my programs and the training services that I offer. I'm hoping that whatever fitness goals you desire I can help you make them come true. Feel free to email me for any questions or concerns. Thanks again!!! 

Service * Toning up * Sport Performance * Adaptive Training *Strength Conditioning Training * Rehabilitation Training * Functional Training



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Senior Fitness

I workout with Aliyah three times a week. Regular exercise has made me stronger and made me more flexible. I have the cardiovascular which makes me feel good.

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Prenatal Exercise

Exercise while pregnant is very beneficial because it kept my weight very low. It gave me great stamina during delivery.




Strength Training

The number one thing that inspired me to train with you is the education. I would come here often to workout.

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Senior Strength Training

I feel better. I have more flexibility, and I have more strength.

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Enjoy exercise and nutrition

A lot have changed on my body. From food, to eating habits. I am more excited now to workout.


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